Micale Project Services individuals have been involved and embedded in multiple key roles on small to mega projects across Australia and the world. This experience coupled with the inherent skill set has enabled Micale Project Services to provide the highest level of services across several project positions and sectors to guarantee project success.

Our detailed knowledge of the Project Lifecycle enables us to influence multiple disciplines, especially within the estimating environment. Understanding the impacts and cost / time implications on any project is paramount.

Estimating - Strategic & First Principles


Our estimating services are based on our team of trade certified staff and years of actual time spent on the job sites on the tools. This knowledge is invaluable for an estimator as the ability to draw upon real life experiences provide the level of accuracy required for any business or client.

We have been undertaking estimating since the late 1990’s and have substantial experience across multiple sectors. Our estimating experience includes elemental cost plans through to concept level and hard dollar tendering based on Issued for Construction (IFC) design.

Estimating Management


Our extensive experience with mega projects, often a well-planned approach to estimation and delivery is required to meet key milestones. Our team has held leadership positions with proven ability to deliver a quality outcomes within tight time-frames.

The key to any well delivered product delivery is planning. Our team plan each phase of the delivery into manageable portions and review with the client to make sure of alignment of deliverables. Regular discussions, tracking and reporting ensure a well delivered, accurate and on time outcome.

Estimating Analysis


As estimates can be complex and extremely detailed in nature, a good due diligence measure is to undertake an external review. External estimate interrogation is invaluable to questioning the base assumptions and proposed allowances on which the estimate was based.

With the teams vast experience across various disciplines and industries, we are able to provide detailed analysis and reporting on your estimate. We are able to provide a level of accuracy as per the AACE accuracy guidelines and propose areas for improvement. Risk analysis based on accuracy can also be provided.   

​Performance Management & Measurement


Tracking of study or project performance is key to any deliverable, especially around cost and time, meeting key milestones and agreed budgets. Using methods such as Earned Value and establishment of rules of credit, based on pre-set deliverables or schedule tasks / milestones ensure any potential issues are identified early and mitigation plans established immediately.

Our team have extensive experience regarding performance management and measurement a have experience on projects up to $17.4B total project cost. Our experience dictates that custom business solutions in this area achieve the best outcomes and we pride ourselves on the ability to undertake this.

​Cost Engineering


Cost engineering or more commonly known as cost control has been set-up and integrated into multiple accounting systems based on specific project and company requirements.


Our team have experience on creating systems and tools where alliance reporting is required and multiple accounting systems require different data. This has been achieved successfully on many projects.

​Planning & Scheduling Reviews


Planning and scheduling is key in establishing the proposed construction methodology, tasks and their duration. Based on the level of project development, the interface between schedule and estimate / budget is critical.

The master schedule, if fully resourced, is vital in successful planning and delivery. Our industry best practices and advice can assist in understanding the proposed models and support with areas of improvement.

​Risk Management - Qualitative & Quantitative


Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis has been undertaken on multiple projects by our team and on occasion held positions in a PMO advising best practices. This advisory level knowledge and real life experience delivering workshops have enabled our team to provide high levels of advice and service to our clients.

The detailed reporting highlighting the key risks and what impact these have on the project, coupled with the potential schedule impacts allow the client to fully understand the risk profile and understand the risk mitigation required. We can also assist with the contingency phasing and draw down curve aligning to the proposed delivery schedule.

Interface Management


Often on large multidisciplinary projects there is a potential for the ‘Silo’ effect to occur. Our team have been involved with several of these types of projects and have the ability to broker relations and information sharing between departments or EPCM and the like.

This has been implemented on small complex shutdowns to mega projects across Australia successfully.

​Contract Administration


Contract Administration is vital in managing the contractor/s relating to scope, time and cost. The understanding and implementation of the agreed contract is the basis on which all decisions are made.

Our team has experience in multiple types of contracts and the specific requirements pertaining to each type. This experience has been proven on multiple projects and disciplines.

Constructability Assessments


During the early concept phases, an understanding of how the construction might be undertaken and potential issues can save time and monies in future phases. On complex projects or projects which require specialised equipment with long lead times, this assessment will provide these details and propose options moving into future phases.

Our team have experience on small upgrade projects within existing city landscapes through to mega projects in remote locations. . The team can then provide details to help select the most logical option, and assist mature the proposed option with potential costs and construction duration.

Project Management Tools  - Setup & Implementation


Often during large projects with multiple key stakeholders there are various software packages being utilised, yet an all encompassing reporting format is required amalgamating all aspects of the project. 


We have experience on several projects where bespoke amalgamation and reporting has been developed and implemented. This can be modified to any reporting requirements based on the initial dataset.  

Project Controls Management


Our team has held Project Controls Managers positions in Tier 1 companies for construction projects (site role) as well as in advisory roles Project Management Office (PMO Enforcing / Advising). The team possess a full understanding of the associated disciplines and how individual aspects within project controls leverage / impact the others.

We have been seconded into clients’ organisations to assist in the set-up and establishment of systems, tools, processes and procedures for project controls including estimation. To assist with the implementation and training of staff, has been undertaken via a workshop approach and/or more focused 1 on 1 discussions. This methodology has been used repeatedly to impart the information created specifically to suit the clients’ requirements without outstanding results.